Monday, July 30, 2012

Abinash Bishoyi’s line drawing algorithm(for any m)

1. Input the two end points (xi, yi) and (xf, yf).
2. Check the value of m=|(yf – yi)/(xf – xi)|.
3. If m>1, then swap (xi, yi) and swap (xf, yf).
4. If xi>xf, then swap (xi, xf) and swap (yi, yf).
5. Calculate the constants Δx = xf –xi, Δy = yf –yi, 2Δy, (2Δy-2Δx) and obtain the starting value of decision parameter as po=2Δy-Δx.
6. If yi7. If m>1then plot (yk, xk) else plot (xk, yk).
8. Plot the first point, that is xo=xi and yo=yi.
9. At xk , starting k=0 , perform the following test
If pk < 0, then xk+1=xk+1, yk+1=yk, pk+1=pk+2Δy
Otherwise xk+1=xk+1, yk+1=yk + ys, pk+1=pk+2Δy-2Δx.
10. Repeat the step 9, Δx times.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

About Me

Hi, I'm Abinash Bishoyi (ଅବିନାଶ ବିଷୋୟୀ). I'm from the eastern coastal state of India(ଭାରତ) known as Odisha (ଓଡିଶା). My hometown is Bhubaneswar (ଭୁବନେଶ୍ଵର), the Temple City(ମନ୍ଦିରମୟୀ ନଗରୀ) of India(ଭାରତ).